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Hi there,
I am Ebenezer Graham

Welcome to my page. Before you head off and do your thing, know that this site was coded from scratch. I'm always experimenting with it and so know that a few things might be broken :)

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I am an inaugural student at the African Leadership College. This means that I was one of the 180 students selected out of 6000 applicants, who were selected to be in the inaugural class that would help to establish the University in 2016 and shaped its culture. Currently making the institution the most innovative company in Africa according to Fast Company (Link to Article).

My Personal Mission
My personal mission is to speed up financial inclusion in the African Continent. My approach is to use a scalable financial technology such as mobile money to make online services accessible to all working classes in the economy.

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A careers advisory website targeted at young Africans between the ages of 18 and 25

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Ayesha Bedwei Site

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My team and I built a modern personal site for a Tax Partner with PwC based in Ghana.

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A tech-enabled company that partners with property owners to deliver affordable homes and flexible payment

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FINCN Notifications

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This is an sms and email notification microservice developed for the Apache Fineract CN project.

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University Listings

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This project allows your to find all universities available in Ghana, Mauritius, UK and programmes data.

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Quiz Theme

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This website is a theme for creating a basic quiz website. It's free to use so Enjoy!



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My most recent work

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Freelance Portfolio

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View a few of my freelance work.

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Pig Game

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Play my version of the Pig Game

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My Blog

Title - Oponsouce and I
Ebenezer Graham - 11/11/2018
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Title - Oponsouce and I
Ebenezer Graham - 11/11/2018
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Favourite Quotes

Talk is cheap, show me the code
Name - Linus Torvalds

Be so good they can't ignore you.
Name - Steve Martin