I am Ebenezer Kwesi Akyen Graham, and I interned with Cim Finance, a subsidiary company of Cim Group. Cim Finance is located at Port Louis, Mauritius and its target market is mainly the people of Mauritius and Rodrigues. As a Computing student, I joined the IT department and participated in special projects that were being undertaken by the department. My supervisor was the manager of the department and I worked with him throughout my internship.

Cim Finance offers financial solutions to individual consumers, SMEs and large corporates. For this reason, the company employs over 1000 employees and over 80 counters spread all over Mauritius and Rodrigues.

The company offers Leasing, Factoring and Hire Purchase Services. Cim Finance falls under the finance and business services sector in Mauritius. However, it is a non-banking financial institution.

The Head Office's Location


In Cim Finance, there is room to grow and everyone deliberatly assign tasks that will help you to grow. In this section, I will highlights a few tasks I performed during my internship.

I refactored 3 critical systems to make them autonomous and functional in a disaster recovery site. Hence, I integrated code that detects the software’s environment and configures the applications accordingly. Therefore the software could function regardless of its host server's location.

I assisted the systems administrators in expanding the office network. I assisted by setting up multiple end devices and troubleshooting exist devices in multiple office spaces

I debugged programs develop during the validation and verification phase of my first project. I assisted by stepping through the codes and reporting abnormalities. Hence, I validated the programs and confirmed readiness to ship after performing release tests and deployment simulations

I study a java based open source software, gather intel from prospective users and then set up/ customize the software on the server to revamp a core service in the company.


Cim is a non-banking financial institution that develops innovative integrated consumer and business products and services, for less privileged communities or for small and medium businesses, which require flexible solutions to improve their quality of life and grow their activities. A few services have been displayed here.

Factoring Services
Factoring Services

Cim Finance purchases a debt owned by Party A by paying party B. Party A then gets into an agreement with Cim Finance and pays the money to Cim Finance in installments with floating interests

Leasing Service
Leasing Services

Cim Finance leasing solutions range for vehicles, equipment among others. It is tailored to the needs of their customers and boosts their financial security. Repayments ranges from 36 to 84 months.

Credit Purchase
Credit Purchase Services

Cim Finance allows customers to purchase items and then pay for the item (usually Devices) in regular installments while enjoying the use of it. During the repayment period Cim finance acquire its profit.

Online Payment Services
Online payment gateway

Online payment gateway for e-commerce acquiring on merchant sites. One of the services is UnionPay Online Payment (UPOP). UPOP is accepted by over 10 million foreign online merchants in about 200.



This section contains the project plan and the advice I would give to other students

Project Plan

What I would do differently

If I had the chance to apply again for last year's internship, I would find out what the company is doing
and prepare adequately so that I can fit into the company easily
I would revise all the modules we took so that I can be ontop of my game once I start work
I would start searching for internship vacancies earlier than I did.

Application Timeline

Networked with the Managing Director and scheduled an Interview. Prepared my resume and cover letter.
Internship offer made by Cim Finance
Internship offer accepted and formal process started by ALC.
Contracts signed between Cim Finance and African Leadership University and then another contract between Cim Finance and myself. I am introduced to the IT Department.
Internship Ends


Shoutout to ALC Carrer Dev. Team for being supportive.

- To Career Development Team

Keep being awesome. Thanks for being there for me!

- To Mohamed Bouya Maalainine

Thanks for being a brother, a friend and a colleague. I wouldn't have made it out of this internship without your support

- To Emmanuel Sackey